Strip rovte

Mladinska akcija #69

"Strip rovte" je bila prva publikacija DRMK in je vsebovala 84 A4 strani.

We were working on it from February to May 2003.

"Strip rovte" was first DRMK publication, consisting of 84 A4 pages.

The project (under the name "Comics, Culture and Youth") was co-financed through Action 3 of the Youth Programme, a programme for youth mobility in Europe.

The main purpose for creating this comic book was to introduce "unknown" artists from Europe.

These artists joined the project:
Alexis Holmqvist (Sweden)
Andreja Kladnik (Slovenia)
Anna Wallgren (Sweden)
Boris Markovič (Slovenia)
Emelie Röndahl (Sweden)
Helena Dias (Portugal)
Isabel Große Holtforth (Germany)
Ivana Armanini (Croatia)
Janja Gedrih (Slovenia)
Jernej Slak (Slovenia)
Kalle Mattsson (Sweden)
Monobrain (Holland)
Primož Krašna (Slovenia)
Rocco Lombardi (Italy)
Simon Vučković (Serbia & Montenegro)
Wuk Palibrk (Serbia & Montenegro)

The edition of "Strip rovte" was 800 copies.

We also printed postcards with 4 different motives and posters with 2 different motives in A3 format.

The exhibition "Strip rovte" was organised from 15. of May to 1. of June 2003 in Angelca gallery in Ljubljana.

Guests/authors of the comics who came to the opening of the exhibition: Simon Vučković, Ivana Armanini, Emelie Röndahl, Aleš Marušič and Jernej Slak.

Many thanks to: all the artists, Movit/Youth Programme, Igor, Katarina and others at Stripburger, Tone from gallery Angelca, Aleš Galičič, Rudolf Baloh, TKBM, Pego Magnetic, MOL, Tin Ljubljana and everyone else who helped us in any way.

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"Strip rovte" is still available, so anyone interested in getting a copy, just contact us through e-mail!