Upcoming events, projects


1) DRMK welcomes new team in 2014!

2) Gig offers are now welcome! Music projects and bands are asked to comply with the music genres from the past DRMK events.

3) DRMK will not organise Noise festival this year. However, there will be two events organised instead:

a) Noise festival 2014 will be on 11th and 12th of April 2014 at Boro Club in Brno, Czech republic; this event will be organised by our czech friends.

b) Zasavje Noisefest, to be held in early June 2014 in Trbovlje, Slovenia; this event will be organised by local noise enthusiasts.

DRMK expedition will visit both events. More information to follow.

Tinnutus Jukebox "DRMK Noisefest - 13 years of noise!" promo video:

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